It’s easy for home or business owners to know when they need a plumbing upgrade – regular leaks and pooling water can quickly do serious damage. You see the problem, and you fix it fast.

It can be trickier, however, to know when you need an electrical upgrade in Gladstone. But while the signs may not be quite as obvious, the consequences of inaction are just as serious.

Do you need to call an electrician for a Gladstone electrical upgrade? Here are some signs that suggest you might.

Heat coming from light switches and other electrical fittings

When you turn off your lights as you go to bed, can you feel heat coming from the switch? This can be a sign of electrical overload, a consequence of old, faulty or poorly installed switches, and is a serious fire risk.

Discolouration around powerpoints

Old powerpoints often have a build up of dust, grime or grease, but if you can’t wipe the surface clean, this discolouration could instead be charring or soot – another sign of dangerous overheating.

Frequently tripping circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are designed to protect your electrical system from overload, and an occasional trip simply shows that they are doing their job. But if these trips become regular, it points to an issue with your system that needs immediate attention.

Inconsistent light

Keep an eye out for dim or flickering lights. If the inconsistency is confined to one room, you could just have a faulty bulb. If they flicker when you turn something energy intensive on, like an air conditioner, then there may not be a reason to worry. But if they regularly flicker throughout your home, it could be a sign of a failing electrical system.

High power bills

Along with a reduced fire risk, the prime reason to maintain your energy system is energy efficiency. If your power bills are getting higher and higher, an upgrade could bring them down instantly.

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