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Are you in Gladstone and looking for the trustworthy commercial electricians? We’d love to help you!

Our team at Banhams Electrical is composed of highly-trained, qualified, and insured commercial electricians who are capable of professional and deliberate electrical services from installations, upgrades, to safety inspections. We are a family-owned and operated business with emergency commercial electrical solutions in Gladstone.

When Should You Call A Commercial Electrician?

Commercial electricians are specialised to work on commercial emergency electrical issues such as:

#1. Frequent tripping of your electrical circuit breakers in retail stores or office
#2. Flickering of lights and sudden dimming
#3. Circuit Overload
#4. Frequent electrical shocks due to faulty power points
#5. Overheating of switches and other electrical system surfaces

How To Know If You Need Your Commercial Electrical System Upgraded?

If you own a retail store or manage a business, you need to have your commercial electrical system upgraded if you consistently experience some of the following issues:

#1. Flickering of lights and going out entirely frequently
#2. Faulty heating and cooling systems
#3. Sudden shutting off of electrical appliances
#4. Breakers frequently trip
#5. Fluctuating electrical surges
#6. Electrical panels are usually hot
#7. Discolored outlets and cord
#8. Higher potential fire hazards due to reliance on faulty extension cords

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Commercial Electricians?

In order to ensure best results, it is important to hire commercial electricians who provide the following benefits:

#1. Efficiency - A specialised commercial electrician has the necessary expertise in dealing with the electrical systems of commercial buildings. This means that such a residential electrician is efficient to provide electrical solutions to your residential property in Gladstone.

#2. Safety - Safety should always be the #1 priority when it comes to residential electrical systems. If you hire a commercial electrician, your safety, as well as your customers’ would be ensured.

#3. Cuts Down Residential Electrical Costs- A commercial electrician knows how to use the right tools in fixing any issue without further delays and accidents.

#4. Licensed & Insured- commercial electricians are licensed & insured to carry electrical works in your home and other commercial areas. If something goes wrong, rest assured that an insurance company will take care of your damaged property or appliances. At Banhams Electrical, we make sure that nothing goes wrong.

#5. On-Time- A professional commercial electrician will come to your place on time and resolve the issue without any delays.

What Questions Do You Need To Ask Commercial Electricians?

  1. Are you a Master Electricians Member?
  2. Do you offer emergency services?
  3. Do you offer a warranty for your completed job?
  4. Are you Arctick Certified?
  5. How long have you been in the industry?
  6. Do you offer expert advice on commercial electrical systems for my retail store?
  7. Do you offer advice on how we can save on our electricity bills?
  8. Do you offer Free-Onsite quotes?
  9. Do you specialise in commercial electrical installations & repairs?

Why Choose Banhams Electrical?

Business and commercial building owners prefer our services because we provide professional residential solutions no matter how complex your issues are. We also offer emergency services and we are a team of insured & licensed commercial electricians in Gladstone.

What Do You Offer At Banhams Electrical?

We offer:

#1. Free On-site Quotes
#2. Free consultation
#3. Lifetime Warranty
#4. Wholesale Discount
#5. Free expert advice

We pride ourselves in offering the finest commercial electrical solutions in Gladstone. Don’t believe us? Check our testimonials and ratings! We offer hassle-free transaction & cost-effective services.

If you need the best commercial electricians in Gladstone, call us today on 📞07 4978 5896. We are looking forward to helping you fix your electrical issues at affordable prices - anywhere you are in Gladstone.

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