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Business Exit & Emergency Light Testing

Have you tested your exit and emergency lighting lately? If not, you could be out of compliance with the Australian Standards for businesses. Even worse, you could be putting yourself, your employees, and your customers in serious danger…

Illuminated pathways and exit signs are required to help occupants safely exit buildings in case of an emergency, such as fire. Without proper, working exit signage and emergency lighting, there could be serious consequences. That’s why all emergency and exit lights must undergo a 90-minute discharge test of the battery every 6 months as stated under AS/NZS 2293.2:1995.

Banhams Electrical offers regular emergency and exit lighting inspections and testing for Australian business owners to ensure you’re in compliance with the latest safety standards, including distance and sign type.

We can combine your exit light testing with testing of your smoke alarms, emergency lighting, circuit breaker tests, safety switch / RCD tests and your electrical equipment test and tag process for a complete business safety service. We’ll also document and log all safety information into your maintenance book.

What Your Exit & Emergency Lighting Test Includes:

90 minute battery testing either using manual testing or circuit breaker testing

Inspecting and replacing bulbs and lights as needed

Inspecting and replacing diffusers

Inspecting and replacing batteries

Cleaning all light reflecting surfaces to ensure maximum illumination

Save Money & Power with LED Lighting

We can also replace existing halogen bulb exit or emergency lighting options with more power efficient and long-lasting LED lighting options.

Electrical Safety Inspections Gladstone

Make Sure You’re Prepared for an Emergency

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Home Electrical Safety Inspections

If you:

Live in an older home with outdated wiring

Hear strange noises coming from the switchboard

Smell burning odours coming from your wiring

Often experience tripped breakers and blown fuses

… then your home may be hiding a potential fire hazard.

The best thing to do is to have a trained and certified dual trade electrician take a look at your system to check for any potential problems that could put you and your family at risk.

Banham’s Electrical offers free safety inspections to homeowners to check your home for potential faults, risks, or electrical hazards. We’ll advise you of any concerns while providing you with a free detailed estimate of any recommended adjustments.

Your Electrical Safety Check Includes:

Safety switch testing

Switchboard inspection

Light switch inspection

Power point / power outlet inspection

Smoke alarm / smoke detector inspection and testing

Have concerns About the safety of your electrical wiring? Contact Banhams Electrical today! Or Call 07 4978 5896

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