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Keep Your Home and Business Safe with Our Electrical Safety Inspections and Exit & Emergency Light Testing!

Are you in Gladstone and looking for professional safety inspection services? We got you covered!

electrical_safety_inspections_gladstoneElectrical safety inspections involve a system of security and prevention measures in the long run. Having your property undergo electrical safety inspections will save you a lot of time and money. It is also essential to hire a professional team to receive the best results and a much safer environment.

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What is Electrical Safety Inspection?

An electrical safety inspection is a process of examining your home or business property’s entire electrical system and ensuring that every electrical wire and component is working correctly. A licensed electrical safety inspector will provide a detailed report on the details that need immediate action or attention after such an examination.

Why Do I Need Electrical Safety Inspection?

The electrical safety inspection is needed for you to prevent future electrical degradation that may lead to the damage of your property. An electrical safety inspection also helps you recognise which components need to be upgraded or repaired.

When Do I Need Electrical Safety Inspection?

If you have these signs, then you probably need an electrical safety inspection right away:

#1. Upon purchasing new appliances or new components
#2. If you have an old electrical system
#3. When your property is around 30 years and older
#4. When you are planning to have your property renovated
#5. When you are planning to purchase a new property

What Are The Benefits of Electrical Safety Inspections?

#1. You get to determine any faulty wiring or problematic outlets
#2. You can provide immediate action over potential fire hazards
#3. Identify outdated wiring systems
#4. Spot components that need to be upgraded or repaired
#5. Prevent further electrical issues

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Professional Electrical Upgrades Team?

#1. Efficiency - A professional team of electrical safety inspectors has the necessary expertise to deal with the residential buildings’ electrical systems. This means that such a residential electrician is efficient to provide electrical solutions to your residential property in Gladstone.

#2. Safety - Safety should always be the #1 priority when it comes to electrical systems. If you hire a specialised residential electrician, you can rest assured that your family and investments are safe and covered with insurance.

#3. Cuts Down Residential Electrical Costs- A licensed team knows how to use the right tools in fixing any issue without further delays and accidents.

#4. Licensed & Insured- If something goes wrong, rest assured that an insurance company will take care of your damaged property or appliances. At Banhams Electrical, we make sure that nothing goes wrong.

#5. On-Time- A professional residential electrician will come to your place on time and resolve the issue without delays.

Why Choose Banhams Electrical For Your Electrical Safety Inspections?

Experts in what we do, we can promise you:

#1. A wide variety of electrical services to ensure we cover all your electrical requirements.
#2. Lifetime workmanship guarantees to all our completed electrical installations projects in Gladstone and surrounds.
#3. On-time commitment like no other
#4. A safe, clean, fast, efficient and affordable electrical safety inspection services around the clock - anywhere you are in Gladstone.
#5. Unparalleled wholesale discounts & surprise-free prices
#6. We genuinely care for your electrical needs as much as you do, so rest assured that you will be given a complete service when you hire us.
#7.  We provide upfront information regarding your electrical issues’ technicalities and give you expert opinions on what to do next.
#8. We will make sure to clean up our work area - leaving your premise as if it has never been touched, except that you'd have a professionally installed electrical system.
#9. High-quality electrical installations, to give you peace of mind

What Does Your Safety Inspection Include?

#1. Safety switch testing
#2. Switchboard inspection
#3. Light switch inspection
#4. Power point/power outlet inspection
#5. Smoke alarm/smoke detector inspection and testing

What Are The Other Services You Offer in Banhams Electrical?

We offer a wide range of services, such as:

#1. Electrical installations
#2. Repairs
#3.Electrical upgrades
#4.Residential & commercial services

If you are looking for electrical safety inspection services in Gladstone that are insured, fast, and efficient, give us a call today on 📞 07 4978 5896. We offer expert advice, fast free quotes and free on-site quotes.

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