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Smart Home Installations

Want to control everything from your A/C to your stereo with nothing but an app, or even the sound of your voice? Become the real King or Queen of your castle with a smart home renovation that puts control right at your fingertips.

A smart home renovation allows you to automate your favourite features and devices from one app so you can spend more time relaxing and entertaining, instead of hunting for remotes.

Why Turn My Home into a 'Smart' Home?

Smart home installations aren’t just for making you feel cool. They can actually:

  • Increase home security and safety through advanced systems like cameras and motion sensors connected to your smartphone.
  • Save you money by programming fixtures like lighting to automatically shut off when no one is present or regulating the thermostat to reduce waste and cut your energy bill.
  • Boost resale value by adding new hot selling features.
  • Free up your time to focus on what you love most since you can automate tasks such as watering your lawn.

Thinking about converting your home into a smart home? Book a free consultation with us to see what we’d recommend, risk-free!


New Air Conditioning Installations

Tired of burning up in your home or business? We’re licensed and certified to install new A/C units that will bring your home or office back to more comfortable temperatures.

Don’t be miserable any longer. Call us for wholesale prices and expert installations on new air conditioners to keep your cool!


New Indoor / Outdoor Lighting

Ever wondered what your home or office would look like with track lighting and recessed lights you see on fancy design shows? Want to highlight your landscaping with accent lights? Wish there was an easy way to cut your energy bills?

New, state-of-the-art lighting installed by our experts is a great way to create the atmosphere you want while saving money!

We can help you design your indoor or outdoor lighting projects - big or small. We also install energy efficient LED lighting that helps conserve energy and cut costs for your home or business.

  • New fixtures and lighting installation
  • Recessed lighting
  • Programmable lighting
  • Wireless switches and lighting
  • Power efficient and long-lasting LED lighting

Tempted to Upgrade Your Lighting Yourself?

Leave it to the experts and save yourself the shock. Our electricians have been installing new lighting for over a decade now, and we can complete your project quickly and safely without any hassle. Ready to get started? Give us a call.


New Outlets

Don’t let broken, outdated outlets cause you frustration. If you’re sick of trying not to trip over extension cords and working around broken outlets, let us help.

Electricity is a critical part of our lives. That’s why our sparkies are here to quickly replace faulty outlets with no hassle and no risk.

Say goodbye to overloaded outlets tripping your breaker, untidy extension cords, and seeing sparks fly every time you plug something in. Call us today to get new outlets that meet all safety standards and get the convenience and peace of mind you deserve!

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On-Time Commitment

Count on us to turn up on time to your home or business. We arrive on time in uniforms, using the appropriate vehicle and the equipment available.

Best-in-Class Equipment

You won’t find us using cheap, unreliable gear. We install only the best equipment protected under the manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

Wholesale Discount

Don’t worry about blowing the budget to keep the power on! We pass along our discounts to you every day.

100% Satisfaction

We stand behind our workmanship. That’s why we promise to make it right or you don’t pay!

Fully Licensed and Certified

No more shoddy sparkies. We are highly skilled, trained, and certified dual trade electricians who can service your electrical or instrumentation systems. Not to mention, we’re Arctick Certified & a proud member of Master Electricians.

Surprise-Free Price

We’ll tell you upfront what your project will cost so you never have to worry about it running overtime and getting hit with a surprise fee!